Friday, October 8, 2010

Create menus in Drupal Categories

At this time champion mojho want to write what he knows about making mbah mojho categories in Drupal,to create a category menu in Drupal, which you need is a taxonomy block module ...
if you do not have please download hereafter you upload your block taxonomy module activating the first module at administer> site building> modules> then you check the check box taxonomy and taxonomy block ..gini nie how to make it ..

* First you enter the menu Content management> taxonomy>> add vocabulary ..
title content on vocabulari name, then the check box content type content is up to create categories on the content ap, for example select the blog entry .. then on setting temen select Required and save ..

* After  make vocabulary then,  make his terms with how to add terms  .. try to make at least 2 terms / categories to make it ... let  his vocabulary .. then add the term News Sports and Politics .. never been so tu menu category for the news ..

* To view an entry in the menu contentnya administer> site building> blocks>  taxonomy block drop items as you wish  ...
now we have tu dah news categories menu .. good luck ...

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